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  1. Ahhh, you learned about “shooting the moon”. Good try on the spot metering, but I learned about another little trick I’ll pass along. Since the moon is reflecting the sunlight, for a full moon use what is called the “Sunny 16” rule. Set your camera to “manual” exposure, set the aperture to F/16, and set the shutter speed to the inverse of the ISO (e.g. for ISO-400, set a shutter speed of 1/400″; for ISO-100, use 1/125″.) Then bracket 1/3 or 1/2 stop (that is, take a series of 3 shots: one at the exposure settings, one lower, one higher.) Most DSLRs have this as a function, so look at your menu.

  2. Hi EdT — Yes, my camera will definitely do all of that. I was soooo pleased to have figured out the problem, that now I can’t wait for the full moon so I can try some things. The 300mm should bring Luna in close enough for some good shots.
    Dorothy — you’re so very right! I can’t say practice is making “perfect” yet, but it’s certainly making “pretty good”, and I can see “danged good” on the horizon…. (smile)
    One of the interesting things about all this is how the photography is showing my personality. I’m MUCH more at home shooting animals, or critters, or woods — just nature, generally. And of course, that’s exactly who I am; Nature Girl.

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