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  1. A foot long??? Holy cow! He has much snazzier colors than my little guy, who was only maybe 3 inches nose to tail. Maybe even less!
    Very strange critters indeed.

  2. Those were night shots?!? You must have one heckuva flash there – it looks like those shots were taken in bright daylight!

  3. Oh nonononono, Ed. Didn’t use a flash. They were long exposures.
    The shutter let in enough of the yellow buglight that’s about 25 feet away (and it’s pretty dim) to cast those shadows and illuminate it. Because it’s yellow, though, the first shot I took had one HECK of a warm cast. After that shocker (I mean, it was RED), I set the WB for tungsten, and still cooled it a bit in post-processing.
    But no flash.
    I honestly didn’t know if I could take the shot, frankly. I mean… it’s an upside down, color-changed lizard about 3 inches long, for goodness’ sake! He was ten feet off the ground! Straight up above me! In the dark!
    And OMG — he’s there again! (I’m outside on the porch right now…) Smile… he likes that corner I guess. He’s cute, yes?

  4. Looking at the EXIF data, your exposure times were 15-30 seconds. I take it you were using a tripod? The gecko actually stayed still that long? With the yellow bug light, next time, instead of tungsten, I would suggest trying the custom white balance again. Finally, but not necessarily related to these photos – do you ever use the histogram function to check your exposure? I find it to be a handy tool if I am not sure about my settings.

  5. Glenn said: “The gecko actually stayed still that long?
    Ummm…. sometimes. These are the ones that came out…. LOL. In fact, I have some pretty fun shots of the Ghost Geckos, too — where the little guy took off partway through the exposure.
    And yes, I was definitely using a tripod. The 300mm lens doesn’t give me trouble handheld when the shutter speed’s fast, but under something like 1/400th of a sec, I notice a difference.
    I’ve just figured out (are am figuring out) about the histogram feedback on the first shot in a new exposure situation, and I’ve started playing with the exposure bias to compensate when it’s a tad off.

  6. Ok… the reason I thought you were using a flash was due to the well-defined shadows. However, looking again, I see the light that created them isn’t coming from on top of the camera. Wow… 15-30 SECONDS… nice shots. I am truly impressed.
    One thing you might look into, when you have a few spare $$$ to burn: it’s called ExpoDisc, and I have found it to be invaluable in setting “Custom” white balance. I used it, in fact, last weekend when I was in Austin for the MS-150. They run about $100 at the local camera emporium (and I think about that much via mail-order.)

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