Will McCain and Obama even be ON the Texas ballot? (Updated)

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  1. Shortly after this story first appeared (a couple of weeks ago) there was a clarification – the Republicans and Democrats have indeed filed their papers. So yes, they will be on the ballot.

  2. Hunh. This is from the same article I quoted (which ran yesterday):

    The Supreme Court has refused to dismiss the case outright and has asked all parties to file their response to the lawsuit by Monday.

    My understanding (allowing for Ike-gaps) is that the state parties have said they could file for any candidates they wished, and whether the national nomination had taken place was irrelevant.

  3. Hunh! This topic was actually discussed a couple of different times this afternoon at the bridge table. I didn’t take part. And, my partner was wearing a button campaigning for some Libertarian Party candidate. I find the whole subject quite amusing.

  4. After what happened with the resignation of Robert Torricelli, and with the bizarre antics of the Florida Supreme Court in 2000, I guess we all have to recognize that the courts are generally willing to ignore the law and write their own legislation as they see fit.
    I haven’t seen the clarification John refers to, but I assign a 1% probability to the scenario that McCain and Obama do not appear on the Texas ballot in November.

  5. Hi Enrico — got power now?
    No — I agree. I think the chances are pretty danged low that they would not be on the ballot. I thought the entire situation was amusing, though…

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