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  1. Interesting… especially in light of the Great Howl of Unconstitutional Unfairness raised by the House (both sides of the aisle, to be fair) over the FBI raid on his office (even though equipped with a proper search warrant, and even though Rep. Jefferson had been ignoring subpoenas related to the bribery investigation for some time.) Compare that with the fact that nobody is demanding the FBI and DoJ back off from Rep. Foley (although a fishing expedition through a House member’s email should be more constitutionally troubling than going through his refrigerator, looking for cold hard ca$h.)
    But, given that we have reached that period of our national political cycle called “election season”, I fully expect to see, and hear, lots of this type of mass-insanity for the next several months. As Claytie once said over a campfire, “If it’s inevitable… lay back and enjoy it.”

  2. Actually, Congress reached an agreement with the DOJ on how it should go about searching congressional offices, should the need arise. And the DOJ adhered to the agreement, so there is nothing here to concern Members of Congress. In addition, the House formally requested that the DOJ open an investigation. And searching Jefferson’s refrigerator was not the issue. The problem was searching his congressional office.

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