9/11 boogeymen

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  1. The “inside job” nuts are like the boy who cried wolf. Someday they will be eaten alive by their own cupidity and stupidity. If anything they serve the Bushista agenda (See South Park “dookie” episode.)

  2. Stinker — thanks for the link!
    So… are you a believer? (No — not a trick question. I’ve never actually met someone who was onboard with this…)

  3. Actually, the theory I think is most valid is the one that has the Bushistas (directed by Cheney, the puppet-master extraordinaire) actually hiring Al-Quaeda to do 9/11 – the idea was that they would dive the airplanes into the NOLA levees, so that Halliburton would get the contracts to rebuild them. Alas, ObL had different ideas…

  4. Look up Building 7 and you will realize that the building was brought down by controlled demolition on 9/11. This does not imply an “inside job” but it means there are unanswered questions, likely insurance fraud, that occurred on 9/11 and went completely ignored by the media and the the 9/11 Commission Report. Until we get to the bottom on the WTC7 issue, we will keep churning out conspiracy theories. Wake up.

  5. It’s good to know about someone who makes these kinds of claims so here’s the Wikipedia article on David Ray Griffin. He has absolutely no expertise in any area that would qualify him to understand what happened that day any more than I do. Actually since I have at least had some college level science courses I’m probably more qualified. And hey, I passed my course in logic.

  6. “How on earth do people manage to sleep with all these boogeymen in their closets and under their beds?”
    How on earth did people manage to sleep during Watergate? Well, some of them didn’t. And some of those were administration officials.

  7. I, for one, don’t think that the terrorists blew up the levees. That would imply that someone actually gave a damn about the levees here.
    But I tell everyone that the terrorists blew up the levees so that we might get the same hysterical reaction that terrorists get elsewhere. I learned that from Ashley.
    It still hasn’t worked.

  8. My impression of several of the theories that place the US government as some significant planner or contributor to the events that day is that it just makes some people feel safer to believe that our government is either that capable or that knowledgeable. It is a very scary thing to imagine our nation as one that has no automatic defense to such attacks and to think that there are things we may not know about the world. So for some people, its just safer to picture the government as very involved.
    You could take the same idea with how some treat the news about bird flu. It is dismissed as being impossible that a disease could affect very many people in our country and possible kill millions. People think science and American health standards are just so advanced that there is no way anything could ever hurt us very bad. Guess everyone needs something to make them sleep at night. (I don’t think bird flu/or SARS is just going to suddenly be a rampant killer here based on what we know, I just think its interesting some people pass off news of a disease as though nothing could ever come over here.)

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