Ahmadinejad's interview with Spiegel

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  1. One thing I love most about Ahmadinejad and Iran is the level of rationalization. In that interview he argues that because the Holocost did not occur during the lifetimes of the majority of German Citizens, that the guilt should not be theirs.
    Yet… If we follow that pretty stream of logic… what right does Iran have to fight the state of Isreal, which was created over 40 years ago… especially given this fun statistic provided by the Teheran Times: ” At present the Iranian population is about 70 million, 60 percent of which is under 30 years old.”
    It’s the typical line of Iranian Logic that Ahmadinejad tends to throw out asking “why should you care?” While he quickly and quietly moves behind the curtain doing whatever he wants.
    Even in the interview you quoted, Ahmadinejad argues that the US is part of a ‘ruling power’ which is unjust. As such, he does not believe that anything said by the western nations is binding, he does not need to hold himself accountable to any agreements made with the west because they are ruling un-righteously (or so the logic goes). I blogged on this quite a bit when i used to read the Tehran Times regularly (out of gross fascination).

  2. That’s a wonderful statistic / contribution, Bloogist, thanks.
    And while we’re on the subject of the Germans, and residual guilt: Just lately, I’ve been thinking rather a lot about how successful the emotional manipulation of much of the US population has been…. and finding a bit of empathy for pre-WWII German citizens.
    (And before anybody starts foaming at the mouth and throwing things at me — the above paragraph is not meant as anything more than an indictment of our current easily-provoked hysteria)

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