Banning the "n-word"

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  1. I have long recognized that “we” are this sick; and it’s only getting worse and you’re correct in saying that simply banning the use of a word will solve nothing because at the root of theproblem is a well spring of profound distrust, resentment, and anger which is never openly discussed, debated or confronted in a meaningful way. And this works both ways; I’ve seen this problem burbling beneath the surface of both Blacks and Whites. I had hoped that as minorities worked their way up the economic food chain that this problem would begin to lessen and to my shock I’ve discovered that success only exacerbates feelings of hostility and alienation on the part of minorities and Blacks in particular. The solution is two fold; 1) Globalization and uncontrolled immigration into the U.S. will dilute the issue and 2) my blonde daughter in college reports significant numbers of her look alikes are eagerly pursuing advanced studies and careers overseas while at the same time my boomer buddies, as they aproach retirment are activly pursuing overseas destinations. The lake is turning; indeed, it’s churning and 50 years from now, this will be barely remembered. A young Black commentator on NPR was heard to remark that as she and her young family had moved up the ladder and moved to one of those posh new neighborhoods, (presumably outside Washington DC), after a number of years as she and her daughter waited in line at a McDonalds, she look about her and the question came to mind, “Where are all the white people?”

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