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  1. I’m a whole lot older than you, although still challenged by step-teens, which is another story. I’ve recently been sorting through some of life’s collections that have follwoed me for 50, 60 years, and have noticed a real disconnect from the times that produced them. Our lives evolve as we grow. It’s fun to keep an open mind and not try to steer into the future. Bless you as your follow your nose. Bon voyage!

  2. As you know, Poli, I’ve been where you are on a regular basis! I will miss you if you stop blogging, as your clear headedness is always refreshing even when I disagree with you, but if that’s what will make you happy, then do it. On the other hand, when I get where you are, just laying off for a while helps get rid of some of the “expectations” of others, then one day, another piece comes flying off the keyboard and into cyberspace.
    And hey, I LOVED the photos!

  3. Take a break and wait for some of that inspiration to come along.
    I get burnt out on things all the time and then, after a while a way, come back as eager as I ever was.
    When you return we will be here waiting for you (Oh, the joy of RSS feeds).

  4. Oh so sad. I do expect you to always be there – but that’s my problem and not yours!!!
    I write for a living, and I recently decided to take a creative writing class in search of something different. The writing I do at work is not creative – and I’ve never considered myself a creative writer. I am enjoying it immensely. Exploring new thoughts, discovering new things to write about, getting constructive criticism, it’s been great. I recommend it. I wish you the best – and though I logged on to tell you my latest insurance woes here in NOLA, I will find another way to vent!

  5. M — you’re not a technical writer, are you? I did that for a while…
    Creative writing is so much more fun, I totally agree. That’s actually one of those “other” things I’d like to spend some time on, rather than politics and current events. However, blogging as a genre is fairly creative, regardless of subject.
    Everybody — I’m not “gone”, per se. Mostly, I’ve decided that I’ve spent more than enough time in front of my monitor. I have so many other interests, and none of them have been indulged fully in the last two years. It may very well turn out that I decide to blog, for instance, about photography. It may also turn out that, as a result, you no longer find this an interesting blog community.
    That really was why I posted this particular piece. I’m going to be sporadic, and all over the map for a while with my subjects. If I settle into something, though, it’ll probably be pretty obvious.
    I hope you’ll all stick around. This really is a very nice community of people — and there are many more of you than you may realize. It’s amazing how many folks don’t ever comment, but visit daily (or several times a day, even). Perhaps my explorations will draw those lurkers out of the shadows. (smile….)

  6. Yes – blogging is creative. My class is on “creative nonfiction.” That was a new term for me – but blogging as you do it certainly fits the genre. Once upon a time, my position was called technical writer, now it’s Development Writer. I work for Tulane, writing proposals and donor event speeches and stuff. It’s an interesting job, and I love that I learn new things daily – but I went in search of something more creative for fun and to breathe more life into the writing I do at work. I actually started reading your blog b/c it was all about Algiers and I wanted to know what had happened to my home – and I stuck with it b/c I liked your politics and other commentary. Your photography is great too – so I’ll stick around!

  7. Daryl,
    I’m a little late in acknowledging your change of pace, but wanted to drop you a line wishing you the very best in that endeavor. And if you do again want to post on something social or political, I hope you’ll consider doing so at Central Sanity. I known our readers would immensely enjoy your touch on the issues, as I always have.

  8. Pete — thanks so much for the note and kind words.
    I’m absitively posolutely sure I’ll be writing social commentary again. Not so sure about the political, though; burned out totally there. In fact, it probably won’t be long at all before something provokes me beyond all reason, and I won’t be able to resist venting. (smile…)

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