Christened and lit

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  1. Ah… but you’re not 10! (Neither am I, of course, which is why it was AC who did the christening, and not Polimom…)
    The heater isn’t turned on yet, btw — and given the size of this thing, I doubt it’ll ever target more than the spa.

  2. Niice looking – if you could have shot that with a slightly wider lens (or stepped back a few feet), you would have had a nice surrealistic piece of art to hang on the wall.
    Just curious, did you put lights which change color in the thing?

  3. Ed — Yes, DH insisted on putting in the “disco lights”. I couldn’t talk him out of it (LOL)… which is just as well, since they’re really pretty.
    I would have stepped back a few paces last night, but I really was serious about some of the surrounding mess. I’m looking forward to walking around again in the dark with some confidence, at which point I’ll bring the tripod out and do it right.
    These guys did a great job.

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