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  1. I wish i had you eye for pictures.
    I’ve taken tons and tons of photos and they all seem…plain. Every great once in a while I get something that is mildly exciting.
    Guess I will just have to go on trying to learn how to ‘see’ the world like you do.

  2. Pan —
    Not having seen your photos, it’s hard to know whether you’re suffering from “I took this and I’m a perfectionist and since it’s not perfect I don’t like it….” syndrome — but there is one thing I’ve learned above all others: get in closer to the subject.
    I don’t mean macros like these, necessarily. But the shots that seem kind of flat and “blah” of mine (and there are bajillions!!!) are often because I was seeing things as a spectator, rather than letting the lens make me a participant.
    Does that make any sense?

  3. I’m just catching up with all the pictures you’ve posted lately. I can’t tell you how much I admire your work! That dragonfly (and all the bug shots you’ve posted) is just priceless. Keep it up!

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