Dale Carnegie ain't got nothin' on Hezballah

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  1. Amazing. I’m going to watch and see how it plays out. I have a bet with myself that Hezbollah will do a better job of this than BushCo has done for us in New Orleans….
    BTW, can’t wait to se you again for Rising Tide!

  2. “Any bets on where that money’s coming from?”
    Let’s see… could it be a little town in Texas called “Iraan”? Or something similar?

  3. Oh, and I forgot — IIRC, both Hezbollah and Hamas have a practice of paying off the families of the ‘suicide bombers’ – said money coming from a certain Middle-Eastern nation whose name begins with an “I” and ends with an “RAN” – and, don’t remember that it also used to come from the one that ends with “RAQ”, also, that is before we put a stop to that nonsense.

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