Time for some internment camps (a modest proposal)

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  1. (giggle) After the Enormous Robitussin Scare, I’m pretty sure you’re on the no-fly list, so you may as well start packing for ‘camp.’ As for laptops & blog in yer tent, no way. The whining near-terrorists in the camp would undoubtedly use such items to ungratefully complain about the generous provision of one free bottle of water and a cot (for a small additional Terrorist Sleeper-Cell Tax or free if you confess to being part of such a cell) in addition to the tent over your head EVERY DAY!
    As for me, I’m safe…. except for that time I was flying cross-country and forgot I had a Leatherman in my carry-on bag. Doh! Maybe we can share a tent.

  2. “No doubt the ammonia from her urine (jeepers! IN THE AISLE?)”
    Reminds me of a story my dad once told me. When he was working for Big Oil, he was in a meeting with the ‘wigs, who fed everyone lots of coffee and then locked the doors until they got their way … err, until a consensus was reached. Well, my dad held out as long as he could, and when it was apparent they weren’t getting the subtle hints (just how does one not understand “I’ve got to go to the bathroom”?), he proceeded to stand up, and announce: “I have to go. Either it is on the Company’s time, or on the Company’s conference table. Your choice.” Then he reached for his zipper. The meeting chair called for an immediate break.
    Many, many years later, I was faced with a similar situation – believe me, this works!

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