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  1. Yeah, demolition is very fun. That’s the dirty little secret about remodeling. Ok, really dirty, and kinda big secret! =) Of course, very uncool that you have the involuntary remodel going on. Hope it’s done and everything back to normal by Hanukkah, let alone Christmas.

  2. If only the fun destruction could take place without all the unfun disruption. LOL! As it happens, we’d been intending to do much of this anyway. It simply became a tad more…. um… urgent.
    They’re laying new hardwoods today. They say they’ll be done by tomorrow evening. I’ll believe it when I see it, but here’s hoping…!

  3. Hi Lindsay! The destruction was planned. The chaos, and some of the order of events, was not.
    And (go figure) I was right — there’s not a chance they’ll be done by this afternoon. On the good news side, though, it’s gonne be beautiful.

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