Flooring madness (some lessons learned)

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  1. We did our floors last year. They started on Monday, we had our family Christmas party Saturday. Due to a few strange not in the contractors control problems they were not finished Thursday night. He promised he would be finished Friday night. He was at ten PM. He had to bring in an extra crew to finish moving furniture back. Bonus is I not longer snore

  2. Bwahahahahaha! And I thought our schedule was ambitious! LOL!!! I’m sure all my hair would have gone snow white and/or fallen right out if I’d had a major party scheduled for this past weekend. (OTOH, we’re thinking of having a bash between Christmas and New Year’s, in part so we can prove we actually survived this…)
    Re:  snoring.  Yes, we’re looking forward to the reduced dust and ickiness in the carpets.

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