Iran and the tide of public opinion

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  1. Once again, I find myself asking the following question: just which rock were the American pee-puhl hiding under these past years? Among the “surprises” that were anything but (at least to me):
    * The initial victory will be simple – fighting the ensuing insurgency, not so much.
    * The only thing the Iraqi people are likely to agree on is the desire to get US out.
    * The Iraqi factions will fight at the drop of a hat (do not, repeat do not, drop your hat.)
    * If you look behind the Iraqi insurgency, you are likely to find Iran. They will be fighting US vicariously through the Shiites.
    It simply boggles the mind…

  2. “it came from another source altogether?”
    That’s a statement that you don’t prove here. Pls note that the Guradian story only mentions the british foreign office and unnamed US officials as sources. Nowhere in this article is any notice that the main source isn’t US intelligence again. That’s lame.

  3. Nowhere in this article is any notice that the main source isn’t US intelligence again. That’s lame.

    Hmmm . . . The US military is (presumably) the organization that is finding these weapons in Iraq (they said so). The Austrians (presumably) have confirmed that the weapons found by the US military are the same weapons shipped to an Iranian government organization (serial numbers, y’know . . .) The 45 day interval between delivery in Iran and the first one’s appearance (use) in Iraq seems uncontroversial . . . What’s lame?
    It’s possible US (or British) Intelligence leaked the info to the Telegraph. Of course the Telegraph might have come across the story by other means and confirmed it with British Intelligence . . .
    Unless the Austrian government is in on circulating a fake story, this one is real.
    (BDS notwithstanding)

  4. It wasn’t the Guardian; it was the Telegraph, which is ideologically joined at the hip with the Weekly Standard. Per Ed T, this shouldn’t be surprising, even if true (which it may or may not be – arms are money: they’ll find ways of circulating outside of government sanctioned channels)

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  6. Iran is falling apart domestically. That’s why nut boy keeps making statements. I’ve read that there is as much as 30% inflation and they are going to start rationing fuel soon. All they need is a little push and Iran’s gov’t will crumble.

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    No chance this gets lots of play or even consideration in the Congress. Or CNN, or CBS, or…the list is pretty long.
    Anyone still think we should be giving legitimacy to Iran via negotiating the future of Iraq with them?
    Paul | Homepage | 02.13.07 – 8:21 am | #
    I got an idea. This means that it is the fault of Bush for not providing adequate body armor.
    Ymarsakar | Homepage | 02.13.07 – 10:26 am | #
    BTW, here’s the PPT presentation that detailed Iranian involvement: multim…ran_in_Iraq.pdf
    – SJS
    Steeljaw Scribe | Homepage | 02.13.07 – 11:10 am | #
    It would be interesting to know whether these went to the Shia or the Sunnis.
    Ymarsakar | Homepage | 02.13.07 – 1:57 pm | #
    All the proof in the world will not matter unless we are actually (finally?) willing to kill on the scale necessary to destroy Iran’s regime and nuclear program. No one seems to have the stomach for it. The same also applies to our treatment of enemy “combatants”.
    Anthony Mirvish | 02.13.07 – 5:10 pm | #
    Kind of strange that the Telegraph said the .50s were sold to Iran for about $20,000 a piece. They can be bought in the USA for $4000.
    Franz Holzschuh, Steyr’s CEO, said the company had not officially
    been contacted by anyone to verify the serial numbers on the rifles.
    He said there was a possibility the weapons were reproductions and
    that there were “thousands” of these in circulation. worldl…6413967,00.html

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