Wanted: prostration and self-flagellation

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  1. You forgot:
    I was for it, the execution was botched, but I stillam for it, we really need to figure out where we went wrong and fix it.

  2. Yup — people are certainly saying that.  There’s even an ever-smaller minority that thinks we’re doing just fine and dandy over there — but those folks haven’t a hope of clearing this hurdle with the left (or with me, frankly).
    I’m not sure any amount of groveling would do it, actually.

  3. Seems to me that we should stop asking pols to tell us what we want to hear and ask them to tell us what they believe.
    If Hillary believes that she made the correct vote based on the information at hand, so be it, end of story.

  4. I think that it’s the very strong antiwar sentiment of the Democratic base/activists that’s the source of this demand for an apology. And given the conflict between the demands of the base and the more diverse beliefs of the public, I don’t think we will see any honesty on Iraq any time soon.
    FYI: I’ve been against the Iraq War for the last 4 years. I’m also supporting Hillary and not expecting an apology

  5. More people are pointing out the unequal treatment in this NYT article.

    In these instances and similar moments in New Hampshire, Mrs. Clinton stuck to a set of talking points that she and her advisers hope will ultimately overcome the antiwar anger that is particularly strong among Democrats likely to vote in primaries. She took full responsibility for the vote, said she would not vote for military action in Iraq again, and then pivoted quickly to frame Iraq as President Bush’s war. This answer was usually met with applause…..
    In Iowa on Sunday, on his first trip there as a presidential candidate, Mr. Obama reminded voters that he had been against the war from the start and said he had offered a plan for winding down American involvement. His strong statements against the war in Iraq drew applause at each of four stops, from Waterloo to Ames.

    The current media darling reminds voters and Clinton uses talking points. when in truth they are both putting their talking points out there.
    From the begining, I said that there were no WMDs, no portable bio-labs, no links to al-Qaeda, these administration statements are lies, these supporters are anti-Muslim jingoists, this occupation would be a bloody disaster – and provided links to educate people.
    Now the same scenario is playing out leading to an attack on Iran.

  6. I was never for it. If Hilly had voted against it in the beginning, her chances of becoming Prez in the future, would have been nil. She has learned to waffle , much
    like Bill.
    Bush went to war by lying to the military and the American public. There are lies, and
    there are damned lies. Bush be damned and all the lemmings that followed him.

  7. I was for it then and still am convinced we can win. It will be tough and I think the resolve of us the American public is more important than ever.

  8. Polimom – plse re-read what I said. Nowhere did I mention that things were going just peachy – that is most definitely not the case. However, I supported the action at the beginning, and I still think it was the right thing to do. We just aren’t going about doing it the right way – and that is something that can (and must) be fixed.
    In other words, I stand by what I believe, regardless of how popular said belief is. I would be far more supportive of someone like that (even someone who was opposed from the beginning) than I would be of those whose ‘convictions’ change with the direction of the prevailing political winds.

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  10. Oops. Ed, I was using your comment as another way one might be thinking about the war, not trying to address your position personally. And the few who “think it’s going fine” was yet another…

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