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  1. I so agree that Obama is the best candidate for unity but if Hillary manages to steal the election I too will vote for John McCain. I’m a purplish blue democrat and simply can’t see my way to supporting Hillary. so if she somehow manages to get the nomination I will have to vote for McCain. I too share your opinion about Huckabee. He would not be a good president at all.

  2. Still sittin’ on the fence. Although a registered Democrat, I will vote for the candidate who supports my issues: smaller government, a responsible foreign policy that gives primacy to US interests and, an immigration policy that responds to the demands of the majority of U.S. citizens. Mr Obama, if you can deliver, you’ll get my vote. Tell me, Mr Obama, as an informed adult, about your proposed fiscal policy. Talk to me, Mr Obama, about national security (and no, you’re not “leaving” Iraq by the close of business your first week/month/year in office). I don’t need the pander; I require the truth.
    Obama has yet, in my opinion, to flesh out the “feel good.” It will probably come as a surprize to many for them to learn that “change” is not an absolute and unadulterated good. I do admit, however, that it’s “buzzwordiness” gives it tremendous potential as an adornment for t-shirts, bumper stickers and idealistic campaign slogans.
    On the subject of the Clintons and political dirty tricks, I’m old enough to recall when the paradigm for electoral sliminess was “Tricky Dick” Nixon. Nixon (despite Watergate), played by Marquis of Queensbury rules compared to the Clintonistas. Nixon faced a hostile media throughout his public life, which acted as a brake on some of his darker instincts. The Clintons, however, have been routinely enabled and facilitated by the press. Hopefully, due to the drug innuendoes and the blatant stuff in Nevada this past week, that is about to change.

  3. DebraAnn, welcome to my blog and thank you for your comment! You have lots of company in this purplish-hued world, both in the blue and red color families.
    belloscm — Has your state held its primary yet? We don’t participate here in Texas until March 4, and I have no idea what the status of the candidates in either party will be. I wonder whether it will still be crazy-close then…?
    Re: fleshing out positions. Hopefully you’ll have the chance to listen to / view the various discussions he’s had. That’s where I found the depth I was looking for.
    Interesting observation about Tricky Dick and the hostile media.  Looks to me like the blush is off Bill’s rose now, for sure…

  4. Polimom,
    We’re waiting for Super Tuesday out here in the Golden State. While it appears that Clinton has the edge (due to the strength of “the machine”) out here, it will be exciting.
    I didn’t watch the video attached to your post of a few days ago. Sorry. I do, however, pay fairly close attention to each candidate’s daily media events.
    About the Clintons, the media and dirty pool: Above the level of the punditry, the media will have a hard time coming clean about the Clintons and their ethics after having looked the other way for the last 16 years.
    I predict: If it gets any worse, the Obama supporters might start asking themselves: “What really happened to Vince Foster?”

  5. “…the media will have a hard time coming clean about the Clintons and their ethics after having looked the other way for the last 16 years.”

    Funny — Dear Husband just said almost exactly the same thing to me.
    It’s probably important that I point out (since you’re pretty new here to my blog) that prior to this moment in time, I’ve never had much of an issue with Bill Clinton, much less Hillary. I need to get a post up about what’s changed, and why, I think.
    Speaking of that video — interestingly, I had an email from someone who said they hadn’t watched it either, but were sending the link to a friend to evaluate. I realize it’s 49 minutes, y’all, but jeepers! LOL!

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