Moving Left? Moving Right?

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  1. For a few reasons (mainly market worhip) I found myself as liberal again at forty as I had been at twenty, that was before Katrina. But I don’t think Katrina argues so much against conservatism as today’s Republican Party. If you combine the anti-government conservatism of a Goldwater Republican with cronyism that would make a Daley or Tweed Democrat blush, like today’s Republican Party does, it’s a recipe for incompetence. I wish I could remember where I saw someone expound on that theme.

  2. I’m a better informed liberal in favor of society’s obligation to the success of individual’s in fulfilling their potential, but more experientially conservative, demanding more individual responsibility from people in both their own destiny, and in fulfilling their responsibility to society. More left, and more right.
    David — try Pat Buchanan for criticism of the Bush cabal neoconservatives (e.g., I know, I know — he’s a self-promoting wild cannon with some pretty ugly social views, nevertheless, I think his old-school conservative criticisms of the Bush administration are very insightful.

  3. Much like schroeder, I find myself both moving further to the left and the right (though not to the modern Republican party) at the same time. I think that a liberal government is what New Orleans needs, but that our people themselves need to try to be more responsible for themselves.
    I must agree that the constant use of race race white black horror! is something that’s glaring from many of today’s papers (though I disagree that it’s all due to a liberal media — I find most of the media to be quite conservative at times, both politically and in their reporting methods). I don’t have the access to the media that you all do due to the censorship here (I download the BBC World News via torrents each day and access as much as I can online — provided that the site’s not been blocked that day), but I can’t help but shudder each time I come upon an article trying to insult the reader by only talking about race.
    (Sorry if this posts multiple times. I’m in China and it doesn’t like Blogger/Blogspot much — I can [sometimes] access, but not Odd!)

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