Newt's shredded moral authority

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  1. Interesting… that in many circles Clinton was given a pass because “no underlying crime had been committed” when he perjured himself, while ‘Scooter’ Libby was in fact convicted of the same offense (perjury), even though it turns out no underlying crime was committed.
    No, I am not making excuses for Newt’s behavior. In fact, I consider this pretty much the end of his road to the White House, as far as this voter is concerned. Not because he had affair(s), but because he conveniently ‘forgot’ to mention this highly relevant fact during the time in question. Sadly, that failure undoes much of the good that (IMHO) he did by bringing the whole notion of running on an actual platform, with planks consisting of those actions that would be taken in the event they were successful, to the American people. Too bad the Dems couldn’t have learned that lesson.
    However, it also must be remembered that Clinton perjured himself in front of a judge in a case where he was the defendant, and he used the office of the Presidency to give credence to his lie. So, in fact there is a bit of a difference between Clinton and Newt.

  2. This topic is too much fun! As much as I disliked Clinton I never felt as though there was any basis behind the whole Republican/Ken Starr persecution agenda. Yes, he lied. But the question should never had been asked, would never have been asked if Republicans had possessed any sense of fair play.
    Now for Newt Gingrich – whose Contract with America was the most honest, direct platform since, well, who knows? Forever? – to be exposed as an utter hypocrite is hilarious.
    It’s also dangerously close to being vindication for the Clinton’s many sins, of which lying about Bill’s sexual foibles were the least.

  3. tsk! tsk! always the righter(wing =) have an excuse. the bible belt crowd are always espousing the for better or worse mantra. but do they practice it? evidntly not!!!!!!

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