Obama's only half as scary now

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  1. My sister concerted to CoJCoLDS so I have a nice binder that takes some branches back to Rennesaince. It was cool when the kids made little geneologies in grade school and got to hump in the binder. And they always one the Great Great Great prize for oldest American ancestor (johann jaco folse got here in the very early 17xx).

  2. Obama’s links to these people are minor to his relations in Kenya.
    especially his first cousin who he campaigned for. his relations with his pastor
    are just the tip of the iceburg. His cousin is as bad as Hitler was.
    Read it for yourself, if you dont believe that story search for his cousin on any
    search program you want and you’ll find some terrible reading.

  3. Jim… we’ve had any number of presidents with less-than-savory relations. Closer than cousins, even. Heck — that they actually grew up knowing, too!

  4. Well i guess we now know why Hillary supported NAFTA…it’s all in the genes..the Canadian genes….Also explains the 5 minute long mispeaking session that she had recently. She’s got the genes to ‘create lyrics’ with the best of ’em….Celine, Alanis, Madonna….literally the best of ’em! If they dig deep enough they’ll find she’s also related to Pinocchio…

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