Politics and arson

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  1. It’s one thing for investigators to ask about their politics (since they probably were relevant to the crime) but it’s entirely inappropriate for them to critique them. You need to put some context around the word “sedition,” as it’s a charge that’s often been used to quash dissent. The British Sedition Act was one of the things that led to the American Revolution; it’s easy to see why someone would pick it as the name of a radical bookstore. “What did you expect?” is awfully close to “You deserved it,” and if the store owners’ description of the investigators’ comments are accurate, they have every right to be upset about it.

  2. True… but, given their leanings, it doesn’t surprise me that they would be upset.
    What is more telling, IMHO, is the fact that they chose not to file a formal complaint.

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