Six apologies… and counting

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  1. It won’t be Georgia. The idiots in Atlanta aren’t interested in anything but arguing with each other, bragging over who wants the biggest tax cut, and de-funding education and healthcare.

  2. Eventually, Patrick, I think even Georgia will get there… LOL! Probably not next, though, as you say.
    I actually thought New York would have made it by now. They were all set to announce legislation for an apology last summer, but evidently things fell apart at the very last moment. I suspect the problem there (in NY) was that they were also trying to move a reparations bill through. (Now THERE’S something that isn’t going to get any traction.)

  3. It time that Italy, as heir to Rome, appologized to France for the conquest by Julius Ceasar of Gaul, taking French slaves in the process.

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