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  1. I think you need to look at the bigger picture senario- regardless of economic expertise or what can see by looking at some text. What is the POINT of what they are saying. Barrack can be said to be saying Ronny was a good coalition builder. He was because Repulbicans fall in line(Dems in love) and he accelerated that fact by being a good communicator. Krugman is just making the point that Obama NEEDED to qualify that statement, which if you follow my logic is just a bit of self congradulations since that is what Obama is – a good coalition builder. Qualify it because it leaves an impresion that the actual policies worked when in fact they didn’t AND don’t.

  2. Jonnyjoe, I hear what you’re saying. I do. But surely you’re not expecting Obama to try to respond to every out of context statement and mis-quote? Because his Reagan comment has been spun every which way.
    FWIW, though, here’s this:

    U.S. Sen. Barack Obama said Monday one of the biggest frustrations of his presidential bid is dealing with national media that he says doesn’t correct inaccuracies about his candidacy and his record…
    Obama, speaking Monday morning to State newspaper editors, cited as an example the reporting of his remarks about President Ronald Reagan as an inaccuracy that hasn’t been corrected…


    The State account specifies that Obama told the paper he wasn’t praising Reagan’s policies. “Obama said was making a point that Reagan reached across party lines in order to snare a large majority of American voters that made it easier for him to push his agenda,” the paper reports.

    Is this what you had in mind?

  3. Exactly, and good digging. Likewise I sense the frustration with campaign coverage. So I been cursing the mainstream press, who have a bad way of dealing with this. I think the reason for this is the press is so sparse when it comes to covering the issues. Maybe they need to demand the runners lay out a platform, and covering that with some density for lack of a better world. How frustating can you get when you have a fence hoper and slightly “puffy” polition in the front. Uhhgh. But definetly to curtail these unfinished ideas that each side grabs at to make some a counter point that goes off issue. Having said that I am pretty sure many people want to pin a label (left or right) on their man. I admit I do. And Obama is hard to pin down, hence Krugman attacks. Hillary just as hard to label, is getting off because she wants it both ways but seems to settle out a little closer to the left. Coalitions are great- but honestly we all know how bogged down they can get when they are partisan at the core. Just musing, but something like that.

  4. I agree that the media isn’t doing a good job with the candidate positions at all. It is partially because of their lapse that people are being left to draw inferences, and rely on pundits and opinion-writers — many of whom are far too committed to their own axe-grinding.

  5. If you are looking for information about economics I would hope that you’d look away from Krugman. He is possibly the most partisan economist I’ve ever read and he has a severe case of BDS.

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