The Senate puts the brakes on

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  1. You know I think we should concentrate on imploying Americans and getting the citizens we already have off welfare. I believe that more immagrates will cause more government welfare and our economy stinks for middle America as it stands
    I have worked since I was 19 and no one offers to lend me a hand
    At 54 I’ve put in my time and paid my taxes When do I get Government Assistance

  2. My question is are illegal immigrants given free medical assistence and if they are not working (due lay offs) are they then given help by our government? Do they have to follow our laws? I do understand the theory that the jobs that the illegal immigrants are doing are jobs that the average American would not do, however, does this not cause the salaries of the average American to come down? Are not these salaries factored in to give us a median salary. I have also been working my whole life since I was 15 years old and I do have mixed emotions on this issue. The middle class is now facing no Social Security at 65, & no Medicare.We have been contributing to this our whole life. We watch the elderly not being able to pay for their their medical bills, or even able to pay their taxes to keep their homes. My thought are that we should be helping the elderly and the legal citizen. They also worked and supported the country. What about them. So as you can see I am a very confused citizen.

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