When did Obama stop beating his wife?

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  1. Jiminy Christmas! I didn’t think it would come down to THIS!? This is getting very ugly (not to mention dirty) , and you know what? This is no longer “fun”.

  2. P.S. I just read the link.
    I could say I am astonished at it, but I guess I’m not. There is so much hatred in this country for anything (it seems) that goes against some particular person’s “norm”.
    Go ahead & accuse me of repeating myself, but I think the Presidential race should be decided on ISSUES, not color, creed, gender or religious affiliation!
    Your post today has me feeling very sad.

  3. BTW, “spam” is the term for junk e-mail. SPAM is the name of a brand of tasty pink canned luncheon meat, and is a registered trademark of the Hormel Corp. A corporation with real lawyers who scan the web looking for trademark violations.
    [Polimom] — Thanks, EdT, for watching out for me.  I’ve clarified in the post…  :> 

  4. Oh, and I don’t know if I have seen one of this particular crop of eCr@p or not – but I am certain there are folks staring into their computer screens 24×7, forwarding this stuff to “everybody in their Address Book”.

  5. I can’t vote for him! HE’S BROWN!!!
    oh, wait, that’s racist? …
    I can’t vote for him! HE MUST BE AN EVIL MUZLEM!!!

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