Who's Afraid of Barack Obama?

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  1. Polimom,
    A couple of differences between then and now. Bush 41 did wage a desperate campaign down the stetch and most everyone recognized the fear and noticed the lack of substance. Because of this, few people bought into the imminent socialism smear when it was rendered against WJC back in ’92; I know that I didn’t. Clinton’s moderate record as Governor of Arkansas provided substantial protection against this type of fear-mongering.
    OTOH, I do believe that such an attack on Obama would reasonate with a lot of people and would, ultimately, leave a mark. This is particularly so because of his liberal and, well documented, voting record. Don’t know if this will be much of an asset come general election time. I do know, however, that it will be an issue. Can you say: “Dukakis?”
    On the subject of “reinventing.” If Obama does not do a better job of defining himself, and soon, the Republicans will surely fill in all of his blank pages. I do think that this process has already begun.

  2. “Gingrich and Norquist are gearing up to position Obama as the “most leftwing candidate to run since George McGovern.” (Times Online) Oh, nonsense…”
    I am assuming that by “candidate,” they are referring to a party’s nominee in the general election. If not Obama, who is the most leftwing candidate to have run since 1972? Carter? Dukakis? Mondale? I don’t think so. Do Bradley and/or Nader count, in that they ran as third party candidates?
    Lots of folks are gonna be unhappy with this line of attack, but it is not an unreasonable tactic to pursue. Assuming, of course, that enough of the electorate
    remembers it’s “leftwing” candidates.

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