Winnfield, Louisiana: A great American Home Town

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  1. Somehow, I just have a hard time taking a survey from anything that calls itself “ePodunk” seriously. Now, if it had been eBumphugg, or iTimbucktoo, or eMayberry…

  2. A police officer shocked a handcuffed Baron “Scooter” Pikes nine times with a Taser after arresting him on a cocaine charge.
    “He done what he thought he was trained to do to bring that subject into custody. At some point, something happened with his body that caused him to go into cardiac arrest or whatever.”

    “Something” as in “freakin’ ELECTROCUTION“, perhaps? And where did this cop think he was, anyway – Abu-Ghraib?

  3. Race isn’t an issue… for the 48% of the population that is white.
    Some further data:
    Median household income in 1999 for:
    White non-Hispanic householders: $27,527
    Black householders: $12,873
    American Indian and Alaska Native householders: $25,000
    Some other race householders: $13,750
    Two or more races householders: $9,375
    Median household income in 1999, Hispanic or Latino of any race: $13,750
    2,172 hoseholds total
    The racial makeup of the city in 2000 was
    48.29% White
    49.83% African American
    0.38% Native American
    0.16% Asian
    0.16% from other races
    1.18% from two or more races
    Hispanic or Latino of any race were 1.15% of the population
    Crunching numbers gives me:
    $28,871,936.19 White
    $13,932,545.73 Black
    $ 206,340.00 Native American
    $ 95,568.00 Other Race
    $ 240,277.50 2 or more races
    So half the city has $29 million, while the other half has less then half that.

  4. A special election had to be held in New Orleans years ago because Congress was about to declare newly-elected Rick Tonry’s seat ‘vacant’. He resigned before they could act. (Well, a lifetime could pass before Congress acts! At least, sometimes it seems that way.) Among things of a less than lawful nature uncovered , it seems vast numbers of his voting constituents were not legally registered to vote. How could they have been? They were dead!

  5. So he got fired huh? I wonder if we would get fired if we tased his stupid kid 9 times. This guy is a sorry SOB, all the instances that keep popping up over cops really make you distrust them, it is no longer one that gives them a bad name it is the whole dang bunch. What goes around comes around. I hope you have nightmares.

  6. Last night Dr. Randolph Williams, the coroner, was shot…….rumors are flying, that a family member shot him, or he shot himself etc etc…..small town gossip, but no facts yet, except that he WAS shot….he was airlifted out of Winnfield… news on if he survived….

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