Hillary opens her closet

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  1. Your opening with Hillary’s remarks reminded me of Senator Bentsen’s opening years ago preparatory to skewering his opponent in a Vice Presidential candidate’s debate, burying the point deep in his opponent’s chest with this zinger, “…and you, sir, are no John Kennedy.”
    John Q. media-driven Public seems to actually seek out and then thrive on this type of negativism. Let’s bring ALL the dirty laundry out & see who grabs their nose or faints first! I’m afraid that Obama will have to sift through the dirt and do some slinging himself.
    The deterioration of this primary campaign season could have been predicted long before it began. (It seems to be the nature of the election-process beast.) But, wait! We have the kiss & make up scenes at the convention to look forward to!
    John Edwards, on the other hand, appeared to be a “knight in shining armor” last night, with his freshly-washed face & eyes so clearly focused and sincere.
    This, actually, is becoming fun to watch … who will draw the next frame in this cartoon?

  2. Hi Goldenrod —
    Yes indeed, I have to agree about John Q Public. Short sound-bytes (read: dumb it down!), hyperbole (read: shouting matches)… what a circus.

    But, wait! We have the kiss & make up scenes at the convention to look forward to!

    This one, though, I’m wondering about. One of the problems with Hillary’s tactic against Obama is that to defend, he has to abandon what many folks (like me) admired a great deal — his willingness to hear other sides and give respect for the opinions of others (even when not sharing those opinions). The Clinton’s are tearing that right down, and I don’t know that everybody’s going to be willing to kiss and make up later.
    If the Democrats insist on going down this path, they’re likely to break their party for some time to come.

  3. I, for one, hope that Sen. Obama will resist the temptation to turn to the Dark Side. While I agree that Bill’s tomcat-like behavior should not be brought into the campaign (since he is not the candidate) – Hillary’s history bears some scrutiny. Including the extent to which she enabled, maybe even encouraged, her husband to lie to investigators.
    Remember, lying to investigators is what they got Martha Stewart and Scooter Libby on, what the football player copped to, what they are prosecuting Barry Bonds for, and what may be the downfall of Roger Clemens and Miguel Tejeda. Lying is what IIRC they put Cisneros in prison for. And, ultimately, Bill was found to have committed perjury – which is something pretty serious indeed. Forget about the sex (and the fact that he may have been a sexual predator) – Bill’s scandal was in using the power of the Presidency to deceive the court in a case he was a party to, and if in fact Hillary was complicit in this activity, she needs to explain herself.
    However, once again I hope Sen. Obama will not travel down this road. He is one of the few bright spots this political season, despite the fact that I do not agree with many of his political philosophies.

  4. Ed T.
    You are entirely on-point with your comments. May I add that well-founded, though non-adjudicated charges of obstruction of justice and subjournation of perjury should always be taken into consideration when it comes to the Clintons. This was so much more than just “lying about sex.”
    In as much as Hillary participated in and, helped execute, the strategy planning that enabled Bill to fool us dullards, that is a legitimate topic for discussion and debate. Claims by Hillary against the VRWC were nothing more than a tactical ploy designated to change the subject from an amoral WJC to those hateful Right Wingers.

  5. Polimom,
    You said:
    …”If the Democrats insist on going down this path, they’re likely to break their party for some time to come.”
    Stuck on the horns of a dilemma, I say. The facade of comity that has been draped over the conflicts inherent in identity politics is at risk of being torn down. Wiser and cooler heads within the party realize this, but it may be too late, as the Clintons have decided to stand and fight on this ground.
    Minority (african-american) racial status or gender? Which has pride of place in today’s political environment?
    Anyone notice the Clinton’s overt courting of the latino vote?

  6. I think part of the problem is that Bill’s nose is severely out of joint because Obama slighted him in favor of JFK and Reagan as agents of change. Hard to take when one has an ego the size of his.
    Meanwhile, The State (SC newspaper) came out with their endorsement today, and they summed things right up. They’ve obviously been paying attention.

  7. A thought has been running around in my head for days that I haven’t been able to articulate. Then I read the linked article and there it was: “…Personal vindication.”
    I have no doubt that one of the things motivating Bill and Hillary in thier quest for another stay at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is a deep, if not obsessive, desire to revise history.

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