Is there anybody in Washington with guts?

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  1. Polimom,
    Bush hasn’t vetoed a single bill–no matter how poorly thought out or worthless–yet. The Baker bill would not be the first.
    The problem, as you have described, is that without leadership from the White House, the Baker bill is unlikely to ever come to a vote. Plenty of House and Senate Republicans just aren’t interested or, like Dennis Hastert, think that the Federal government has done enough already.
    The Democrats are so fractured and fragmented that asking them to lead is like asking a kindergarten class to organize Mardi Gras. Right now many of the Senate Democrat’s so-called leaders are all wrapped up in trying to put together a filibuster of the Alito Supreme Court nomination. This despite over 60 senators having either declared support for him or having declared that they will NOT support a filibuster. Madness.
    It’s a good thing that the NYT has taken an interest in this massive failure of leadership. NYT editorials may be the only newspaper content the political class read on a regular basis. My bet is that unless editorials like this shame the Bush administration into following through on Bush’s commitments made in Jackson Square, NOLA will still be in limbo at the start of the next hurricane season.
    Sad, indeed.

  2. While I agree that the Democrats are a fractured party, I don’t see how that’s relevant.
    Rep. Baker is a Republican, and initial indications from the bipartisan house committee indicated enormous support for the bill. (it passed out of the house committee 50-9 in favor).
    It looks to me as if Bush’s non-deployment of the veto stems directly from congressional “leaders'” use of the reliable (and infantile) tactic used by intelligent children: ask daddy or mommy first before you do anything.
    Clearly, nobody can poot without prior approval from the Prez. I don’t think it matters in the slightest whether they’re Dems or Reps.

  3. Good article Polimom, thanks for posting it. One does have to wonder though;where is all the outrage over the abuse of Louisiana and Mississippi? Why ARENT their more people raising hell? Things need to change…rapidly.

  4. You’re right. The very high vote for any bill out of comittee that’s not larded up with goodies for everyone is amazing. I worked on the Hill for about eight years, and in the current environment, that’s incredible.
    Our nation (both parties) are led by the endocrinally-challenged invertebrates.
    I hear more and more people say the “S” word (think 1860), as casually as people up here discuss the school property tax reform initiative.
    I don’t take is seriously as such (I’ve suggested as much myself), but I to take is seriously as an indicator of people’s frame of mind.
    My reference to the civil war in today’s blog post was not meant idly.
    Hell, when I get home, I may have to run for office. I’m sick of the pussy-footing and spinelessness. We need more people who are willing to call things by their names, to ask people if they’d feel the same way about the GOP’s fear campaign against Gays if it was a campaign against Catholics, if they’re really happy having the same standard of living as their parents, but with both people in the house working.

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