More fine ideas from al Qaeda

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  1. Idiots… if they wanted to fsck with US, all they would really have to do is load up 9 small bizjets (Gulfstream/Cessna/Lear) with HE (C4, Torpex, heck even ammonium nitrate would do!) and fly them one each into our 9 largest refineries. That would screw US up for about 18 months, and it wouldn’t be nearly as likely to p*ss off potential allies (of theirs) like Fidel Jr Hugo Chavez.
    But, at least our intel and govt got one thing right – AQ is a bunch of crazies.

  2. Yup — Chavez would not be impressed. However, it occurs to me that his reaction might not be one we’d like, since I think he’d probably tighten up his ties to Iran (who would also be highly ticked off)

  3. I’m not sure about that… if his main source of revenue is cut off, the Venezuelan people might well lose patience with him – and this time toss him out on his ear for good, all by themselves. They have done it (gotten rid of a patron who could no longer deliver the goods promised) before.

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