Shocking irrelevancies from New York

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  1. Hey there, Polimom!
    Glad to see you’re posting again. This was certainly a “safe” (?) subject to address. It’s somewhat laughable, even, but only if you’re not black. Just another person who has ‘stuff’ in his history that should probably not be disclosed. And, truthfully, it’s none of anyone else’s business!
    Just the other day, however, I spoke with two of my black friends who were embarrassed that the newest governor should, on the very same day as his inauguration, choose to confess various infidelities/indiscretions from the past.
    Why should THEY have been embarrassed? They were not he or she, right?
    Well, they were simply appalled that the newly sworn-in governor of NY, they felt, was not the representative of their race that they would have wanted as such a highly promiment public figure.
    We spoke at some length about Obama, discussing various pros and cons. It was a productive conversation, and I was left with the feeling that they were seriously considering the issues (leaving race out of it, which is how it should be!).
    There IS no such thing as a ‘perfect’ person. (Well, there was, but he was crucified!) It is my opinion that we should leave race out of the equation entirely — ditto with age and sex.
    As much as you and I might want to, however, it’s there. You know, as well as I, that the media will pick up on the slightest thing and broadcast it over and over again.

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